Clean, crisp, well structured, and with full support for Template Designer, Tiffany places the focus on the written word. Truly, a proper blogger’s template.

  • Color Schemes
  • 60+ Fonts
  • Various Layouts
  • Adjust Width
  • Background
  • Template Designer

    Use the Template Designer to tailor the accent and overlay colours of your site.

  • Mobile Support

    Serve an optimised version of the theme to your visitors on tablet and mobile devices.

  • Metadatas

    Ability choose to display/hide post infomation datas through the Layout page.

  • Custom Gadgets

    Perfectly baked popular gadgets to enhance the functionality of Blogger.

  • Carousel Slider

    Responsive and touch enabled Popular-Post-based carousel slider.

  • Great Typography

    Perfectly calibrated typography with a great balance between spacing and font.